Located just off the windy HWY 507, beside quiet town of Goderham, Green’s Mountain is one of the most exciting and challenging natural terrain features within 2-hour drive of Toronto.

Famous with 4WD enthusiasts, Green’s Mountain is 351 meters of rocky, steep inclines accessible though two distinct faces of the mountain. Each approach is unique and offers varied difficulty level.

On the south face of the mountain, a wide jeep trail with a few intimidating boulders snakes to the top. On the north side, more adventurous riders can conquer an aggressive rock-face climb suited for the most extreme rock-crawlers and Jarvis fanboys. If you are not into tackling steep vertical rock faces, encircling the mountain is moderately-challenging single-track providing many kilometres of single track fun.

You can access the mountain via it’s name-sake “Green’s Mountain Trail Trail” off Highway 507, or you can park at the ‘parking lot’ off Fortesque Lake road and head in through the trail that will lead you straight to the approach (look for a T-intersection a few KMs into the trail that leades from the parking spot and then turn right).

If you are into some good carnage, check out my video of our trip to the mountain with the guys at Rusty Sprockets!


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