The Ganny, as it’s affectionately known, is a 11,000 acre multi-use block of forested land in southern Ontario. Open year-round and accessible for motorcycle use May-November, Ganaraska Forest is the premier riding destination near the Greater Toronto Area.

The sheer size and proximity of the forest makes Ganaraska a great destination for off-road enthusiasts for weekend and weekday rides. The park does require a pass to ride, which a $175 per year ($60 for youth) can seem a bit steep, but it’s truly one of the most comprehensive, well-rounded areas to ride near Toronto, so it’s well worth the pass fee. If you are only heading in for a day or two, Day Passes are $30. Both Day Passes and Forrest Membership (annual pass) can be purchased online, at the Forrest Center and at a number of surrounding Gas Stations and Sandaraska Campground.

In addition to miles of single-track and double-track trails, The Ganny has two main ‘hill’ destinations – the Lookout Hill and Thorpe Hill. While Lookout hill is the most picturesque, Thorpe Hill is by far the most challenging, with multiple single-track, rooted lines snaking up to the top. If you are into hard Enduro, Thorpe hill is the one you would have the most fun with in the park.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, both Lookout Hill and Thorpe Hills remain closed while the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority and it’s partners continue to focus on site rehabilitation and erosion control. All trails leading to the top of these features are marked closed [to ORV and hiking]…

When riding the forest, its important to remember that Ganaraska is a multi-use facility. On the roads throughout the park you will encounter vehicle traffic and horseback riders, in addition to zippy ATVs and Side-x-Sides. Be careful and respectful when passing other users. With horses especially, remember to stop, take your helmet off and let them pass without scaring the daylights out of them with bike noise and Power Ranger moto attire.

If you are trailering to the forest, there are plenty areas to park and stage your bike, but here are my 3 favorite spots with GPS coordinates:

Carscadden Rd Parking Lot: 44.050145, -78.572132

Boundary Rd Parking Lot (P6) 44.080905, -78.584286

Porter Road Parking Lot: 44.102813, -78.557246

You meet the nicest people (wearing the coolest shirts) in the park!

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