Ride Like You Stole it!

Sweet smell of 2-stroke mix, squishy feel of gummy knobbies and fresh scent of the morning forest, budding with incredible single track – that’s what gets us out of bed, ready to pin the throttle for the weekend ride.

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I’m a dreamer who loves to ride fast, discover new tracks and conquer the next obstacle. I tell stories [on YouTube and Insta] to document my ridingĀ  and inspire others to follow the path that motos take them.

I race because every pro was once an amateur and every expert was once a beginner. My competition is me – the rider I were last season, last race, maybe yesterday. Whether riding on the track or the trails, I chase the bike in front of me as no rider is as fast alone as when chasing a dream.

RideRX is supported by incredible partners. These brands can invest in faster, professional riders and I’m privileged they choose to work with me, showing their commitment to grassroots and ammateur riders.

In Dust We Trust

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt.