May 1st is the official beginning of Ontario Trail Riding season. This year opening dates were a bit shaky due to the strict province-wide strict COVID-19 lockwon measures, but in the end Ganaraska Forest, SCORRA and KORMA trails all opened-up as planned. Even Burnt River MX track, somehow managed to secure approval of the local bylaw officer on opened on May 2nd!

On Saturday May 1st I put on my “Straight Outta Ganny” tee, loaded my trusty Beta 390RR-S on the back of the little family SUV and got an early start en-route to the Ganaraska Forest for my first ‘official’ trail ride of the season.

The Ganny, as it’s affectionately known, is a 11,000 acre multi-use block of forested land in southern Ontario. Open year-round and accessible for motorcycle use May-November, Ganaraska Forest is the premier riding destination near the Greater Toronto Area.

The sheer size and proximity of the forest makes Ganaraska a great destination for off-road enthusiasts for weekend and weekday rides. The park does require a pass to ride, which at $175 per year ($60 for youth) can seem a bit steep, but it’s truly one of the most comprehensive, well-rounded areas to ride near Toronto, so it’s well worth the pass fee. If you are only heading in for a day or two, Day Passes are $30. Both Day Passes and Forrest Membership (annual pass) can be purchased online, at the Forrest Center inside the park, Noone’s Petro Canada Gas Station (Southbound 115) and Sandaraska Campground.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!


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