Learning to ride a dirt bike can be daunting and usually requires a significant upfront financial investment. Unless you’re lucky to have a friend that’s willing to lend you their steed and gear, plus trailer the bike somewhere to ride, your options are pretty much limited to spending a few G’s on bike, gear and trailer just to figure out if you like riding offload. Forget about having your family try riding too, unless you’re ready to shell out more dough…

This exactly where Trail Tours comes into play. Located adjacent to the Ganaraska forest, Trail Tours provides bikes, gear and instruction to novices looking to try a dirt bike as well as intermediate riders looking to sharpen their skills with some advanced training. Recently they even started to offer additional guided tours through and around the Ganny if all you want to do is ride. Kids summer camps are also available, albeit not this summer, courtesy big, bad COVID-19.

This summer I took my family to Trail Tours for a 1/2 Day session to learn to ride in the dirt. Check out the following video to see how we did!

As you can see we had a blast. If you are looking to learn to ride off-road, brush up on your enduro skills or even get your family exposed to your riding hobby, give Trail Tours a call and get ready to have a great time!


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