Midhurst Tract is a moderately trafficked set of multi-use trails located near Springwater, Ontario (just north of Barrie). IF you are traveling from Barrie North on the 400, get off on Forbes Road, head West and make a right (North) on Old Second Road. The parking for Midhurst Tract will be just a few KMs on your left after a railroad crossing. The GPS coordinates are 44.500966, -79.734128 and Google Maps pin is here.

The terrain here is generally pretty flat and un-intimidating, except for a creek that rushes through the middle of the tract. This gully is where you find a few hill climbs to practice your heroic ascents in fornt of strategically-positioned GoPro. Overall it’s a good area for riders all skill levels, but leaning towards those not looking for a super challenging ride. We usually ride Midhurst early in the season as a good warm-up session before heading further North to Horseshoe, Orr Lake and other Riding areas (which I will cover later too).

The trail is a muti-use area that caters to number of activities so you will encounter hikers and dog walkers… be courteus and slow down – we have to co-exist especially since if complains roll in it’s more likely motos will lose access and not the pedestrians. I’m not sure if horseback riding is allowed or not, but be ready to stop and take your helmet off if you see a horse.

As with any SCORRA tract, you need to be an OFTR member at minimum to ride, and it is preferred (but not required) to be a member of the SCORRA Club. If you are considering riding in Simcoe county willy-nilly (outside designated tracts), consult the Simcoe County policy for motorized trail use, which basically says you can’t ride outside designated areas….

Hope the video provides a good idea of the type of terrain you will find on this tract and I’m looking forward to covering more of Ontario riding areas for you in the future!


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