If you crave to discover the best riding destinations across the US, but don’t have the time for long road trips, let me introduce you to Eagle Rider.

This is NOT a sponsored post (I have no affiliation apart from being a customer), but rather an appreciation post for a company operated by riders that offers great options to ride in places you wouldn’t otherwise have an easy opportunity to.

Eagle Rider is a motorcycle rental membership club. For $39USD per month, members accumulate credits that are redeemable for rentals of motorcycles across a vast network of dealers in the USA (and now also a location in Vancouver, Canada). While bike choices are dominated by Harleys and street bikes, most locations also offer adventure bikes including BMW 1200GS, Africa Twin, Tenere 700. A couple of sites even have WR250’s in their fleet. Officially, you are not allowed to take the bikes off-road, but… 🤣🤣🤣

I’ve now used Eagle Rider 4 times, often time adding the ride onto a tail end of a work trip, making the experience less expensive and super convenient. In some instances, I’ve even booked an EagleRider bike instead of a corporate car rental. It made for good conversations with clients and was way more fun than being stuck in traffic in a budget subcompact (lane-splitting is legal in LA)! Each time had an absolute blast, checked off a ‘must ride’ destination off my list and was able to do so without causing a major stur at home for being away too long.

When one of my trips had to be cancelled (due to COVID), the EagleRider agent dealing with my case was understanding and managed to apply my credits in form of cash on account, which I used on a later trip. Another time, an incredible customer service rep (Ashley, AKA ‘Cricket’) took time off her lunch break not only to help me to apply the credits in a a clever way to avoid any extra insurance and other fees, but also shared with me an incredible itinerary that made my trip a fantastic adventure. Overall, the service have been awesome and super flexible.

Now, as an impartial party I will warn of a few ‘downsides’ of dealing with EagleRider – one, it’s a commitment. Since credits accumulate every month, I have had times of anxiety about using them up. To be fair, EagleRider did allow up to 6-month pause to the membership (one time) and the whole problem can be easily fixed by riding more or renting a more expensive/luxurious bike (some can take up to 3 credits per day). Second, as an enduro guy, I wish there were more true off-road options available. I’d love to truly take a rental off the beaten path, but I suppose that would be a major insurance cost for the company.

If you are curious about the EagleRider, check out their site and if you do sign up, use my referral code (DLLCA) to get yourself an additional free month!


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