Rally Connex Rock Hound Rally is an event not to miss in the Ontario Enduro calendar. Held by Lee Martin of Rally Connex, the Rock Hound is one of the longest and most challenging (next to Rally Connex’s own Dacre) events in Ontario.

Rock Hound is a one day GPS guided event in the Kawartha and Madawaska highlands, just north of Cloyne, Ontario. The rally offers Gold, Silver, Bronze & Iron routes for competitors of all skill levels that are accordingly designed for competitors that enjoy off road trails with challenging aspects throughout. Whereas the Iron Route is mainly a gravel ‘course’ for big bikes, the Gold class is a full-on enduro with fairly short gravel and double-track transits connecting 10 challenge sections that can kick the hell out of even a seasoned enduro rider. Officially, the rally is not a RACE, but… 🙄

This year my team attempted the Gold Class, which meant we were pulling our bikes up impossible hills, descending into river-beds and launching our bikes back out of these near-impossible situations. While alone I would NEVER attempt this course, as a team we managed fairly well and I must admit this was one the summer’s FAVORITE adventures.

Full information on the rally [and sign-up for the next year’s event, when ready] is available on the Rally Connex Website, but for an [extensive] video you can check out my record of 2021 event below.

Check out behind the scenes of this event and +1h of on-board footage from the Challenges including: Miami Beach, High Voltage, Blacktop, Taste of Sibiu, Chapman’s Passage and more!


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